Riedel Horn Decanter

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The handmade decanter distinguishes by an elegant and complex design. Modeled after a musical horn’s coiled shape, the decanter is formed freely without the help of any molds, and proves extremely difficult to create. Requiring three master glassblowers’ efforts, the horn’s form is mouth blown with two openings on either end, the larger of which is to be used for both receiving and pouring wine. The decanter’s clear crystal color is accented by a large regal golden yellow stripe outlined by two black lines following the contours of its curved silhouette. “The RIEDEL family has always enjoyed and valued music,” 11th-generation RIEDEL Crystal President & CEO Maximilian RIEDEL explains. “With our creation of the Horn decanter we wanted to both celebrate the horn’s influence on Austrian culture and also further push the boundaries of decanting wine, as we always strive to do.” Like RIEDEL’s many other coiled decanters including the Eve, Mamba, Boa, and Titano Boa, the Horn decanter “double-decants” wine, a technology developed by RIEDEL to accelerate the aeration of wine by the creation of a vacuum within the vessel. The Horn’s coiled body brings wines to full flavor profile potential when decanted even more quickly than other
RIEDEL decanters.

RIEDEL tip: use bottle cleaners to remove stains inside the decanter.

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