WMF TAIKA 30-Piece Cutlery Set Basic

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TAIKA 30-Piece Cutlery Set – Best Investment in Cutlery as the WMF CROMARGAN PROTECT ensure your Cutlery Looks NEW always!

The cutlery looks as if it were lengthened, with the knife fuse handle and blade even to unity. The unaccustomed proportions break through our ideas and overcome boundaries. Thus Taika establishes the connection to the Asian food culture. Contemporary, highly polished flatware with elongated, slender handle.

Design: Liisa Haataja & Pekka Korpijaakko

Content: 6 x Dinner Spoon, 6 x Dinner Fork, 6 x Dinner Knife, 6 x Coffee Spoon, 6 x Cake Fork
Presentation Box

Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10, polished

Dishwasher-safe; Never needs Polishing

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