WMF Vitalis Compact Aroma Steaming Cooker


The healthiest way of cooking in the world!

Steam cooking has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest way of cooking known to man. When you’re preparing food in the steam cooker, you’re using a simple but ingenious principle. Food isn’t submerged in boiling water but is cooked in a steaming insert placed above. This method has the advantage of retaining the taste and preserving vitamins and minerals. Meat, fish and poultry can all be steam cooked, as well as vegetables. Anything that doesn’t need to be fried or crispy is suitable. Another advantage of steam cooking is that because of the use of salt and spices is reduced and the use of fat almost completely eliminated, meals prepared in this way can be particularly easy to digest. Unlike in the frying pan or traditional pots, food is cooked quickly and evenly thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity of steam.

Developed in Germany.

Content: 1x WMF Vitalis Aroma steam cooker 35×21.5×10 cm (approx. 3.5l), 1x Aroma steam sheet 23 x 17 cm, 1x glass lid with removable thermometer, 2x wire handles

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